From Ben P (Facebook):

★★★★★ Great winery best sweet and semi sweet wines in southern Illinois! A group of friends and I went there to celebrate me and my now fiancé’s engagement. We had a blast the owner sat and talked with our group for a couple hours. When we left I asked everyone what they thought of the winery here are some quotes.
“I feel like we are leaving her house like we were invited over to hang out and drink wine”
“Best winery experience I have ever had”
“I don’t like wine but I bought two bottles here because it was so good”
This southern Illinois winery is doing it right focused on the wine not on cheap music or flashy entertainment. Thank you for making our night even more special and enjoyable.

From Nikki R (Yelp):

Great wine, great people, and great place. Typically at a winery, I only really like one or two wines. Here, I liked every wine that the bartender/owner put in front of me (at least five).

Robert L (Yelp)

We had a great time sitting outside on the back patio, drinking wine enjoying the scenery.  It’s a little off the beaten path but it’s a great find.

Sarah P (Yelp)

…Awesome experience and we’ll definitely be back.

Kristin J (Yelp)

The tasting room is absolutely lovely, and very welcoming…. I can’t speak highly enough about the time we spent here and the great wines offered; I think, truly, the best on the trail.  Be sure to stop by!!!

Leigh G (Yelp)

… I’ve done tastings throughout California, and had similar opportunities at great California wineries where I was fortunate enough to find myself alone in the tasting room, but never have I felt so personally attended to, or that the pourer was interested in finding out anything about what I typically liked and didn’t like…

“Great experience” Tripadvisor
…The atmosphere is very peaceful and relaxing. The owner was very welcoming and informative about each wine they offered and other local attractions. The best part of wine tasting was tastings dessert wines in chocolate mini cups and eating the cup after drinking the wine. It was delicious.

“Best Winery in the area” Tripadvisor
You may have to veer off the beaten path slightly to arrive at this gem but it is well worth it. Lincoln Heritage is owned by a delightful and exceptionally knowledgeable couple who love to share their passion of wine and area history with everyone that visits the winery….

“Amazing Place” Tripadvisor
my friends and I took 1 hour drive down south to see Illinoi’s wineries. Among all of them Lincoln Heritage was the best. It is located in Cobden Il. Unlike other places this one provides a sophisticated atmosphere that is also relaxing… You can’t compare Lincoln to other wineries because Lincoln Winery is just so beautiful and amazing. Highly Recommended place.

“A fine wine experience” Tripadvisor
….They set the bar high for the remainder of our visit. One other thing should also be pointed out…the wine is very good. While not currently part of the Shawnee Wine Trail, Lincoln Heritage Winery is worth locating and visiting. Enjoy a glass, and leave with a bottle.

“Wineries are not all big band and bad wine”
… Bonnie and Homer have created a cozy, intimate atmosphere that is easy to settle in to. Their knowledge of wine is deep but relatable making the task of settling on just one bottle a difficult one.